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Here you will find organic manufacturers, organic distributors, special diet manufactures and special diet distributors. Some have good informatin sections, where to buy their products or order online direct.


A lot of Coffee - Our very own range of delicious high quality organic and fair trade coffee, delivered to you within days of roasting. If you enjoy coffee but not caffeine try the superb Pure Delight decaf.

Moo Free Chocolates - Is there such a thing as dairy free milk chocolate? Well, technically any chocolate that contains no milk can't be called milk chocolate. However, the clever people at No Moo Cow have developed a scrummy dairy free chocolate that tastes just like milk chocolate. So, now you can eat chocolate that tastes just like milk chocolate but is completely dairy free.

Agropharm Limited – Power over Pests - Manufacturers of Organic Insecticides containing natural Pyrethrins, approved by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association for control of all insects like aphids, blackfly, whitefly, mealy bugs, thrips and caterpillars in all crops, soft fruit, top fruit, vegetables, cereals and ornamental flowers.

Ainsworth - Homeopathic remedies for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and humans.

Alara - Organic and gluten free muesli manufacturer.

Anglo Felt Components - Anglo manufacture a wide range of nonwoven recycled textiles for a variety of end uses.

ARP - Spices, seasonings, ingredients and flavouring to the food industry.

Aspall - Suppliers of apple juice, vinegars and cider.

Bart Spices - Supplier of organic spices and a source of organic recipes.

Be-Well - Manufacturer of unique nutritional products

Beanie's Health Food - Vegetarian food distributors to the catering, retail and wholesale trades.

Beyond Organic Skincare - Award winning, 100% natural and certified organic skincare. Absolutely no parabens or harsh chemicals. Their signature ingredient sea buckthorn is the only plant in the world known to include Omega 3,6,7 & 9 oils. These products contain more than 190 biologically active compounds. Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, the range is truly effective naturally.

BigOz - Manufacturer of organic breakfast cereals.

Billingtons - Supplier of organic sugar.

Black Face - Sells organic meat and non-organic meat to trade, hotels and for private parties.

BOCM Pauls - Animal feed manufacturer.

Botanix - Supplier and processor of organic hops and distilled essential oils.

Cafe Direct - Cafédirect work with growers who can provide the exceptional quality products they require. This ensures that you enjoy the finest selection of coffees and teas. And as a fair trade organisation, they guarantee a fair price for the growers' crops.

Cauldron Foods - Manufacturer of organic and vegetarian convenience foods, that are 100% GM free.

Caurnie Soap - Natural and vegan soaps.

Clearspring - Some unusual products available including, Japanese organic teas, Mitoku products, Miso products as well as bodycare, cleaning, pasta and oil products.

Clipper Teas - Supplier of tea and coffee.

Clyde Organics - Milk and cream suppliers.

Community Foods - Importer and exporter of whole foods.

Confoco - Supplies processed fruit and vegetable products for the food industry.

Connect Magazine - A positive living magazine for Devon and Cornwall.

Cotswold Health Products - Importers and distributors of natural foods, herbs and spices, medicinal herbs, roots, bark, flowers and pure essential oils.

Country Products - Supplier of a range of products from fruits and nuts to seasonings and spices.

Cream O'Galloway - Organic ice cream producer and farm.

Cumbria Gardens & Pets Direct - Offers organic fertilisers, natural soil conditioner and peat free compost.

Divine Chocolate - Fair trade chocolate.

Domenico Bettini - Production of high quality extra virgin olive oil from organic farming.

Doves Farm - Supplier of organic and gluten free flour products.

Dragon Fly Teas - Dragonfly Teas are an innovative range of organic speciality teas. There are eight varieties ranging from chais and green teas to the rare white tea.

Duchy Originals - Prince of Wales organic product.

Ecobaby - Supplier of eco friendly baby products.

Ecolution - Manufacturer of hemp products. At ECOLUTION®, true to the original ideals that inspired our conception in 1990, they have dedicated themselves to working with hemp fiber to produce premium quality natural textile products (clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, twines, fibres) in the most environmentally-sound way possible.

Ecomat - Organic essential oils.

Ecover - Detergents and cleaning products.

Essential Trading - Essential Trading is a UK based workers co-operative that specialises in supplying organic, GMO free, fair- trade, vegetarian wholefoods to the independant trade sector in the UK and abroad.

Fargro - Horticultural wholesaler.

Fayrefield Group - Lactose and gluten free frozen deserts and spreads supplier.

FWP Matthews Limited - Manufacturer of organic flours.

Get Real - Vegetarian pies.

Glebe Organic Flour - Glebe Organic Flour - farmers and producers of highest quality organic bread mixes, speciality organic flours and gluten-free products stoneground milled on our farm.

Glutafin - News and product information for Glutafin, gluten free products.

Goodlife - Vegetarian frozen food.

Goodness Foods - Dried fruits, nuts, pulses, cereals, organic, vegetarian and special diet produce.

Granovita - Vegetarian, vegan and wheat free products.

Green and Blacks - Organic chocolates.

Green City - Wholesaler in Glasgow supplying a variety of organic and special diet produce.

Green Cone - Recycle kitchen waste with the Green Cone.

Greenvale AP plc - Suppliers of organic potatoes.

Hampstead Tea - Organic and biodynamic tea.

Hobbs House Bakery - Offers a range of organic bread.

Honeybuns - Dairy free, gluten free and wheat free cakes and biscuits.

Infinity Foods - A workers co-operative offering organic food and other organic wholesale products. read review

Jalinga Tea Estate - Producer of organic tea.

James White - Pressing and bottling of juices, including apple, cranberry and pear.

Jordans - Manufacturer of cereals.

Juniper Green Organic Gin - Supplier of organic gin.

Kanegrade - Food Ingredients supplier; Organic fruit juice concentrates, NFC, Purees, Air dried fruits, yoghurt powder, cream powder, cheese powders, spices, flavours, natural colours & extracts, Honey, Maple Syrup. Others available upon request.

Leary's Organic Potatoes - Seed potatoes.

Lembas - Vegetarian and wholefood wholesaler. Based in Sheffield can deliver within 80mile radius.

Libby's Organic - Manufacturer of organic fruit juice.

Lifestyle Healthcare - A good range of fresh gluten free bread, cakes, puddings, pies, and more. Made to order and delivered the next day, bulk order only.

Lye Cross Farm - Organic cheese producer.

Lyme Regis Foods - Manufacturer of a range of healthy organic snack foods

M & A Environmental Ltd - A unique nationwide supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene chemicals, recycled paper, biodegradable and recycled plastic bags to catering and general industry.

Markus Products - Vegetarian approved food products.

MBM Organic Produce - Supplier of a full range of organic product to all sectors of the fresh produce industry.

Meridian Foods - Manufacturer of organic cooking sauces, pasta and pasta sauces, salad dressings, olive oil, peanut butter and more.

Michaels Wholefoods - offers an organic range for manufacturers and caterers.

Miles Tea and Coffee Merchants - Tea merchant whose range includes organic.

Miniscoff - Children's organic ready meals.

Monet - Organic concentrated juices and pulps.

Montezuma's Chocolates - Manufacturer and supplier of organic chocolate products.

Munshis Halal - Manufacturer of halal frozen foods.

Natracare - Feminine hygiene products.

Naturally G's - Suppliers of salads and vegetables.

Nature's Path - Manufacturer of organic cereal and whole grain based products.

Neways - Manufacturer of natural products including; aromatherapy, skincare, haircare, cosmetics, nail care, suncare, eco-friendly household products, automotive products and nutritional supplements.

Newberry International Produce - A supplier of frozen organic food products.

Norgrow - Specialist traders of food ingredients.

Nova Bravo - Offers an organic line in towels, bathrobes, underwear and bed linen.

Nutrition Point - Great range of products for gluten and wheat free diets. Also contains information and recipes.

Oerlemans - Organic frozen foods.

OMSCo - The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative.

Optivite - Animal feeds.

Organic Beetroot - Suppliers of cooked organic beetroot.

Organic Connections - Organic home delivery box scheme,including bread and fruit juices. also wholesale and bulk orders of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Organic Farm Foods - Supplier of organic farm foods.

Organic Health Centre - Suppler of soya based health foods.

Organic Herb Trading - Distributor who stocks over 500 lines of organic dried herbs, spices, teas, tinctures, oils, flower waters and essential oils

Organic Magic - Rapunzel high quality organic and ethical foods and Beutelsbacher organic/demeter fruit and vegetable juices. They supply both trade and individual customers.

Organic Trade - Import wholesaler for edible nuts, dried fruits, pulses, seeds and cereals.

Organico - Importers of quality organic foods including: pasta, pasta sauces, babyfood, almond milk, vegetarian pate, fruit juices, vegetable juices and much more.

Organics Online - Trade information site.

Pascoes - Dog food.

Plamil Organic Chocolate - A manufacturer of organic chocolate.

Pure - Producer of organic and GM free spreads.

Pure Organics - Frozen foods.

Queenswood Natural Foods - Wholesalers, suppliers and traders to the natural food and food service industries

Quin Essence - The aromatherapy collection of organic essential oils.

Quorn - Supplier and manufacturer of Quorn products.

Rachel's Diary - Organic yogurts.

Rakusen's - Manufacturer of kosher food.

Rasancó - Ingredients for food and drink.

Regency Mowbray - Organic ingredients supplier, including flavouring, colours, emulisifiers and chocolate.

Respect - Offers a range of organic ready made meals.

Rocks Organic - Producer of organic dilutable drinks available by mail order.

Rocombe farm - Ice cream, frozen yogurt and fruit sorbet.

Rooster Pelleted Manure - Organic pelleted manure.

Rowse Honey - Suppliers of honey and maple syrup.

Rush Potatoes - Suppliers of organic potatoes.

Sage Organic - Manufacture & supply a range of certified organic food supplements.

Seasoned Pioneers - Supply a comprehensive range of over 50 fully certified organic seasonings: spices, spice blends, chillies and more.

Seeds of Change - Information about Seeds of Change brand of organic foods.

September Organic Dairy - Producer of organic ice-cream.

Siesta - Fair trade, musical instruments, gifts and clothes.

Simply Gentle - Ethical and organic cotton wool.

So Baby - A fantastic range of handmade organic baby food. Their baby meals are cooked in small batches and frozen immediately after cooking, sealing in all the natural goodness. They will even deliver the meals directly to your door.

Soya Group - Producer and supplier of complete soya products and solutions for industries and consumers.

Spice of Life - Organic spices available online.

Spoff - Highland muesli with organic and wheat & gluten free options.

Steenbergs - Organic pepper, spices and herbs. Organic and fair trade premium loose leaf tea - earl grey, assam, darjeeling and green Indian tea.

Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream - Natural farmhouse ice-cream manufacturer.

Suma - A large selection of wholesale food products and a selection of non-food products.

Suminter India Organics - Processor, packer and exporter of certified organic food products from India. Including: spices, pulses, cereals, oilseeds, dry fruits and ready to eat roasted grain snacks.

Sunflours - Millers and wholesalers of organic and gluten free flour.

Taylors of Harrogate - Feel good tea.

The Celtic Bakers - Organic bread.

The Tea and Coffee Plant - Organic coffee and tea by mail order.

The Watermill - Producers of organic stoneground flours milled the traditional way by waterpower.

Tivall - A producer of meat-free products.

Tofutti - Dairy free frozen deserts and cream cheese alternative supplier.

Traclements - Chutneys, sauces, mustards, dressings and jellies.

Trafalgar - Trout farm.

UK5 Organic Vodka - Supplier and producer of organic vodka.

Unifrost - Frozen vegetable suppliers to large retailers and supermarkets.

Viridian - Vitamins, minerals and herbal products.

Weston's Cider - Offers a range of organic cider, apple juice drink and lemon drink.

Whole Earth Foods - Manufactures a vast range of orgainc produce.

Wholebake - A producer of organic flapjacks and cereal bars.

Wicken Fen - A vegetarian food manufacturer.

Wild Wood Groves - Argan oil - used for culinary or cosmetic purposes.

Wistbray Ltd - Importers of eleven O'clock rooibos teas.

Wyke Farm - Cheeses.

Yeo Valley - Information about Yeo Valley's range of organic produce.

Burgil Coffee - Organic and fair trade coffee available online to individuals or the catering trade.

Cotton Bottoms - Environmentally friendly nappies and baby accessories.

organic coffee, fair trade coffee

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